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Who we are: Forsa is a UK-sponsored initiative, which is part of a commitment by the G8 and Deauville Partnership nations to support Arab countries in transition.

What we do: We support entrepreneurship across the Arab region through our innovative mentoring programme and assist governments in ongoing efforts to improve the business environment, foster economic growth, and create sustainable private sector jobs.

"Life changing" – Safa Hajjaj, Morocco

"My mentor is terrific, Forsa gave me the confidence and the opportunity to find exactly what I need" – Yahia El-Sayed, Egypt
"This is a very inspirational self-exploration and motivational program. Looking forward to implement what I learned to move myself and my business forward" - Nabil Hijazi, Jordan
"It’s been such an enriching experience due to the space provided for us to connect with the mentors, not just superficially but on a deeper level" – Walaa Hamdan, Jordan
"It's been a great pleasure to attend Forsa Rabat as an entrepreneur... For those of you who will be present at the next Forsa workshops: don't miss a minute, and trust Forsa, it will make you a better person!" – Anass Benshrir, Morocco

Latest news

  • Forsa alumni eligible to win $50 during Ramadan

    During the month of Ramadan, the Forsa team is offering all entrepreneur and mentor alumni a chance to win US$50 for completing a Forsa Souk profile on the website.

  • Forsa Mentor and Entrepreneur Featured on Moroccan Radio Programme

    Zaineb El Fakir and his Forsa mentor Najoua Dribine share their experience with mentoring on the SNRT radio programme 'Maa Chabab' (in Arabic)

  • Press Coverage of Forsa Event at the British Embassy in Rabat, March 2014 (Multiple Languages)

    Press Coverage of Forsa Event at the British Embassy in Rabat, March 2014 (Multiple Languages)

Latest blog

  • Entrepreneur Profile: Mohammad Ebara

    Jun 11, 2014

    " أعتبر إرشاد السيد حسني من أهم المكاسب لمشروعي الناشئ "

  • Entrepreneur Profile: Mohammad Ali Bin Moussa

    Jun 11, 2014

    ترك محمد العبارة الدراسة في سن السادسة عشرة وهو يطمح بتكوين مشروع مستقل به ليتيح له بأن يتحكم بمجرى حياته وبمستقبله بكامل الحرية، فزاول أعمال عديدة ليجمع رأسمال يمكنه من البدأ بمشروعه. وبعد أن عمل في محل عمه للمفروشات، إستثمر ال ٢٨٠٠ دولار التي قام بتجميعها وهو في التاسعة عشرة من عمره، لفتح اول محل له وإستيراد أول شحنة من المفروشات المنزلية من تركيا.

  • Entrepreneur Profile: Layla Habshi

    Jun 11, 2014

    علاقة الإرشاد ساعدت ريادية أعمال فرصة ليلى الحبشي على توسعة مركز بناء المهارات للتدريب والاستشارات كما علمتها أن بناء العلاقات هي شيء أساسي لتكون مدير ناجح